Awtrix Phone Battery Notification%
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Awtrix Phone Battery Notification%

Awtrix Phone Battery Notification
A flow by Sevagjb

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you need to create a toggle helper for this automation, it work like a switch to turn on or off your notifications Otherwise it will keep publish every 5 minutes this will trigger every 5 minutes on your Awtrix Display with your Text and battery percentage, you cant Customize you text also with color or you can show rainbow color, the background you can add icon and choose the icon behavior, you can control the text display behavior. you can can choose text duration time.

blueprint: name: Awtrix Phone Battery Notification description: Phone Charging indicator on Awtrix Display. domain: automation author: Sevag input: awtrix_light: name: Awtrix Display description: Select the target Awtrix display. selector: device: model: "AWTRIX Light" mobile_battery: name: Phone or device description: select your Phone Battery. selector: entity: filter: - integration: mobile_app device_class: - battery - state multiple: false toggle_on: name: Toggle on description: Select the Toggle Helper that will toggle the automation on or off. selector: entity: domain: input_boolean message_text: name: Notification Text description: Enter the notification text. default: "My Phone Battery is" icon_in: name: Icon description: Enter the Icon Name or ID of the icon. selector: text: default: "" push_icon: name: Push Icon description: Icon behavior selector: select: options: - label: "Icon doesn't move" value: "0" - label: "Icon moves with text and will not appear again" value: "1" - label: "Icon moves with text but appears again when the text starts" value: "2" mode: dropdown default: "2" duration: name: Duration (in seconds) description: Sets how long the app should be displayed unit is seconds. default: "10" text_case: name: Text Case description: Select how you would like your text to display. selector: select: options: - label: "Use global setting" value: "0" - label: "Force Uppercase" value: "1" - label: "Show as you entered it" value: "2" mode: dropdown default: "2" background_color: name: Background Color description: Select the Background color selector: color_rgb: default: [0, 0, 0] text_color: name: Text Color description: Select the Text color. selector: color_rgb: default: [255, 255, 255] show_rainbow: name: Rainbow Colors description: Should the notification be shown in Rainbow colors? selector: boolean: default: false mode: queued trigger: - platform: time_pattern seconds: /10 variables: device_id: !input awtrix_light awtrix_light: "{{ iif( device_attr(device_id, 'name_by_user') != none, device_attr(device_id, 'name_by_user'), device_attr(device_id, 'name') ) }}" my_sensor: !input mobile_battery message_text: !input message_text all_text: > {{ message_text }}{{ ' ' }}{{states(my_sensor, "state" , "unit_of_measurement" )}} duration_on: !input duration show_rainbow: !input show_rainbow push_icon: !input push_icon icon_in: !input icon_in background_color: !input background_color text_color: !input text_color text_case: !input text_case toggle_con: !input toggle_on condition: - condition: state entity_id: !input toggle_on state: "on" action: service: mqtt.publish data: qos: 0 retain: false topic: "{{awtrix_light}}/notify" payload: |- { "text": "{{ all_text }}", "icon": "{{ icon_in }}", "background": {{ background_color }}, "color": {{ text_color }}, "textCase": {{ text_case }}, "pushIcon": {{ push_icon }}, "rainbow": {{ iif(show_rainbow, "true", "false") }}, "duration": {{ duration_on }} }
-- Flow first published on May 25, 2023, last updated on May 25, 2023 at 07:17.