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Display your download and upload speed.
A flow by Ade Thompson (apt)

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Flow Details

Display your current download and upload speed using the SpeedTest.net integration within Home Assistant.


  • Home Assistant
  • SpeedTest.net integration installed and working
  • Script expects the sensor for download and upload to be sensor.speedtest_download and sensor.speedtest_upload respectively
  • Included icons added to your device


I have all my Awtrix (apps) as scripts and trigger these using an automation in the order I want them to appear.

The trigger for this automation is when the Time app is displayed so all apps receive an update every 'cycle'.


Feel free to change the options with the script, for example text, repeat, textCase etc. If you have differently named sensors for download and upload change them within the text

alias: SpeedTest (Awtrix) sequence: - service: mqtt.publish data: payload: {"text":"Download speed is {{ states.sensor.speedtest_download.state}} Mbp/s","icon":"download","pushIcon":0,"repeat":1,"textCase":2,"textOffset":33} topic: awtrix_d670d0/custom/speeds_d - service: mqtt.publish data: payload: {"text":"Upload speed is {{ states.sensor.speedtest_upload.state}} Mbp/s","icon":"upload","pushIcon":0,"repeat":1,"textCase":2,"textOffset":33} topic: awtrix_d670d0/custom/speeds_u mode: single
-- Flow first published on May 10, 2023, last updated on May 10, 2023 at 11:39.