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This blueprint lets you select a Bitcoin sensor from HA and show it on AWTRIX
A flow by RobG

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Flow Details

This blueprint lets you select a Bitcoin sensor from HA and show it on AWTRIX

Prereqs: Bitcoin integration is found here. The sensor.exchange_rate_1_btc needs to be available within HomeAssistant.

Additional Information: The blueprint will update the AWTRIX app every 59 seconds AND update when the sensor changes. I used the Lifetime settings to get the app deleted when disabling the automation in HA. So keep the lifetime value higher than 59 seconds.

Any questions? let me know @ Discord

blueprint: name: "AWTRIX Bitcoin" description: "This blueprint will show the status of the exchange rate for the bitcoin in USD" source_url: domain: automation input: awtrix: name: AWTRIX 3 description: Select the Awtrix light selector: device: integration: mqtt manufacturer: Blueforcer model: AWTRIX 3 multiple: false awtrix_app_name: name: AWTRIX Application name description: This is the custom app name that will be added to AWTRIX, should be unique selector: text: {} default: bitcoin bitcoin_sensor: name: Bitcoin sensor description: Bitcoin sensor selector: entity: multiple: false filter: - integration: bitcoin bitcoin_icon: name: Icon description: Enter the Icon Name or ID of the icon that you like to show. selector: text: default: "12460" push_icon: name: pushIcon description: "Please select the pushIcon setting for the icon\n\n - `0` Icon doesn't move\n\n - `1` Icon moves with text and will not appear again\n\n \ - `2` Icon moves with text but appears again when the text starts to scroll again\n" selector: select: options: - label: "Icon doesn't move." value: "0" - label: "Icon moves with text and will not reappear." value: "1" - label: "Icon moves with text but appears again when the text starts." value: "2" mode: list default: "0" txt_color_bitcoin: name: Text Color for bitcoin description: Select the Text color selector: color_rgb: default: [255, 255, 255] duration: name: Duration (in seconds) description: Sets how long the app or notification should be displayed. default: "10" repeat: name: Repeat description: Sets how many times the text should be scrolled through the matrix before the app/notification ends. default: "4" lifetime: name: Lifetime of the app (in seconds) description: Removes the custom app when there is no update after the given time in seconds. Keep this value higher than 59 seconds to get the AWTRIX app automatically deleted when disabling the automation. default: "70" variables: device_id: !input awtrix awtrix: "{{ iif( device_attr(device_id, 'name_by_user') != none, device_attr(device_id,'name_by_user'), device_attr(device_id, 'name') ) }}" app: !input awtrix_app_name message_topic: "{{awtrix ~ '/custom/' ~ app }}" icon: !input bitcoin_icon txt_color_bitcoin: !input txt_color_bitcoin sensor_bitcoin: !input bitcoin_sensor push_icon: !input push_icon duration: !input duration repeat: !input repeat lifetime: !input lifetime trigger: - platform: state entity_id: - !input bitcoin_sensor - platform: time_pattern seconds: /59 condition: - condition: not conditions: - condition: state entity_id: !input bitcoin_sensor state: unavailable action: - service: mqtt.publish data: topic: "{{ message_topic }}" payload: |- { "text": "{{ states(sensor_bitcoin) | round(0) }}", "color": {{ txt_color_bitcoin }}, "icon": "{{ icon }}", "pushIcon": {{ push_icon }}, "duration": {{ duration }}, "lifetime": {{ lifetime }} } mode: restart
-- Flow first published on May 21, 2023, last updated on March 13, 2024 at 19:41.