Bitcoin to USD

Bitcoin to USD

Receives the current Bitcoin price in USD from Coingecko.
A flow by RobG

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Flow Details

This nodered flow will get the bitcoin price in USD from the coingecko API and shows it on your awtrix light matrix.


  • Modify the MQTT broker (Server) in MQTT Out Node: awtrix/custom/bitcoin
  • Keep the inject node around 10 minutes to not trigger the API limit from coingecko.
  • It is possible to change the currency from USD to another currency by editing the change node in the flow. Modify the msg.currency value. All possible currencies can be found here


[ { "id":"d47d5dd5564bc167", "type":"mqtt out", "z":"e80c6f6f5e6792b3", "name":"", "topic":"awtrix/custom/bitcoin", "qos":"", "retain":"", "respTopic":"", "contentType":"", "userProps":"", "correl":"", "expiry":"", "broker":"11ca2309265fca75", "x":920, "y":720, "wires":[ ] }, { "id":"d9c33d1f02954660", "type":"function", "z":"e80c6f6f5e6792b3", "name":"Create Message", "func":"var id =;\nvar currency = msg.currency;\n\nvar price = msg.payload[id][currency];\n\n//msg.payload = price;\n\nmsg.payload = { \n \"text\": String(price), \n \"icon\": 12460, \n \"duration\": 10, \n \"pushIcon\": 3 \n};\n\nnode.status({ fill: 'green', shape: 'ring', text: 'Price: ' + price});\n\nreturn msg;", "outputs":1, "noerr":0, "initialize":"", "finalize":"", "libs":[ ], "x":700, "y":720, "wires":[ [ "d47d5dd5564bc167" ] ] }, { "id":"a7544a6b7ee9f8ed", "type":"change", "z":"e80c6f6f5e6792b3", "name":"BTC to USD", "rules":[ { "t":"set", "p":"id", "pt":"msg", "to":"bitcoin", "tot":"str" }, { "t":"set", "p":"currency", "pt":"msg", "to":"usd", "tot":"str" }, { "t":"set", "p":"headers", "pt":"msg", "to":"{\"USER-AGENT\":\"Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/80.0.3987.163 Safari/537.36\"}", "tot":"jsonata" } ], "action":"", "property":"", "from":"", "to":"", "reg":false, "x":270, "y":720, "wires":[ [ "2cad191e8152d41c" ] ] }, { "id":"2cad191e8152d41c", "type":"http request", "z":"e80c6f6f5e6792b3", "name":"Get CoinGecko Price", "method":"GET", "ret":"obj", "paytoqs":"ignore", "url":"{{{id}}}&vs_currencies={{{currency}}}", "tls":"", "persist":false, "proxy":"", "authType":"", "senderr":false, "credentials":{ }, "x":480, "y":720, "wires":[ [ "d9c33d1f02954660" ] ] }, { "id":"4ee9e3555739095c", "type":"inject", "z":"e80c6f6f5e6792b3", "name":"", "props":[ ], "repeat":"600", "crontab":"", "once":true, "onceDelay":"10", "topic":"", "x":110, "y":720, "wires":[ [ "a7544a6b7ee9f8ed" ] ] }, { "id":"11ca2309265fca75", "type":"mqtt-broker", "name":"", "broker":"", "port":"1883", "clientid":"", "autoConnect":true, "usetls":false, "protocolVersion":"4", "keepalive":"60", "cleansession":true, "birthTopic":"", "birthQos":"0", "birthPayload":"", "birthMsg":{ }, "closeTopic":"", "closeQos":"0", "closePayload":"", "closeMsg":{ }, "willTopic":"", "willQos":"0", "willPayload":"", "willMsg":{ }, "userProps":"", "sessionExpiry":"" } ]
-- Flow first published on May 9, 2023, last updated on May 10, 2023 at 08:04.