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Send RSS News Title or Description of the news story to the Awtrix Light
A flow by Vendo232

Flow Details

Home Assistant is equipt with RSS reader and we are taking advantage of it to project RSS story title to the Awtrix Light. The Automation dumps RSS title into TEXT helper entitity and then MQTT will push the "state" into Awtrix Light. We are also using sound notification in Alexa to know when the RSS feed is comming to the device. Enjoy.

Add Feeder RSS source into your "Configuration.yml" file feedreader: urls: - - - scan_interval: minutes: 30 max_entries: 5 Create TEXT Helper with 255 charracters ( see picture attached ) Create Automation, This example will also play short sound on Alexa before the actual news appear on the device. alias: BBC RSS title description: "" trigger: - platform: event event_type: feedreader event_data: feed_url: condition: [] action: - service: input_text.set_value data: value: "{{ }}" target: entity_id: input_text.newsitem_title enabled: true - delay: hours: 0 minutes: 0 seconds: 10 milliseconds: 0 - service: media_player.play_media data: entity_id: - media_content_id: amzn_sfx_doorbell_chime_01 media_content_type: sound - delay: hours: 0 minutes: 0 seconds: 10 milliseconds: 0 - service: mqtt.publish data: qos: "0" retain: false topic: awtrix/notify payload_template: |- { "text": "{{ states('input_text.newsitem_title') }} ", "icon": "1364", "repeat": 2, "duration": 20 } mode: single
-- Flow first published on November 28, 2023.