Battery Monitor
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Battery Monitor

Automation Blueprint to monitor/display battery status of a device such as a phone.
A flow by jeeftor

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Flow Details

This blueprint will allow you to track and display the status of a mobile (Phone/Ipad/Laptop) device connected to Home Assistant.

When you phone Is plugged in it will use a different icon than when its not.

--- blueprint: name: AWTRIX 📱️ Mobile App - Device 🔋️ Battery Monitor 🪫️ description: > This blueprint will print out the battery status of a device available to home assistant. It uses a custom icon set you need to install. You can find all the icons here: ### On Battery Icons ![](![](![](![](![]( ### Charging Icons ![](![](![](![](![]( domain: automation input: awtrix: name: AWTRIX Device description: Select the Awtrix light selector: device: integration: mqtt manufacturer: Blueforcer model: AWTRIX Light multiple: true app_name: name: Awtrix Applicaiton name description: This is the app name listed in the MQTT topic - it should be unique selector: text: default: phone_battery battery: name: Phone or device description: A phone connected via the mobile app selector: entity: multiple: false filter: - integration: mobile_app device_class: battery # multiple: false message_text: name: Text to Display description: This is the text to dispally on the screen selector: text: default: iphone push_icon: name: Icon Mode description: > Please select the pushIcon setting for the icon - `0` Icon doesn't move - `1` Icon moves with text and will not appear again - `2` Icon moves with text but appears again when the text starts to scroll again selector: select: options: - label: Icon doesn't move (default) value: "0" - label: Icon moves with text and will not appear again value: "1" - label: Icon moves with text but appears again when the text starts to scroll again value: "2" mode: restart variables: device_ids: !input awtrix devices_topics: >- {%- macro get_device_topic(device_id) %} {{ states((device_entities(device_id) | select('search','device_topic') | list)[0]) }} {%- endmacro %} {%- set ns = namespace(devices=[]) %} {%- for device_id in device_ids %} {%- set device=get_device_topic(device_id)|replace(' ','') %} {% set ns.devices = ns.devices + [ device ~ '/custom/jeef_weather'] %} {%- endfor %} {{ ns.devices }} app: !input app_name battery_sensor: !input battery base_icon: "{{states[battery_sensor] }}" message_text: !input message_text push_icon: !input push_icon payload: >- {"icon":"{{ states[battery_sensor].attributes.icon | replace('mdi:','') | replace('90','80') | replace('70','60') | replace('50','40') | replace('30','20')}}", "text":"{{message_text}}", "pushIcon":{{push_icon}}, "progress":"{{states[battery_sensor].state}}","pushIcon":1} trigger: - platform: time_pattern minutes: /1 condition: [] action: - repeat: for_each: "{{ devices_topics }}" sequence: - service: mqtt.publish data: qos: 0 retain: false topic: "{{ repeat.item }}" payload: > {{payload}}
-- Flow first published on May 16, 2023, last updated on June 9, 2023 at 14:47.