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Shows your Instagram follower count
A flow by Dmytro Sudakevych (megadimich)

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Flow Details

  1. You need to create a sensor in the configuration.yaml file or add a link to the file where the Instagram sensor is recorded. In my case, I added the following lines to the configuration.yaml:

packages: !include_dir_merge_named includes/packages

Place the instagram.yaml file in the packages folder. In the instagram.yaml file, in the resource_template: template, enter your channel name (YOURS_NAME). Run the instagram sensor (scan_interval) no more than once every 2 hours!

  1. Create your automation. I added my automation to the automations.yaml file. In this file, set your AWTRIX MQTT prefix in topic: instead of awtrix_565c3c.

  2. Do not forget to download the icons mentioned in the project: instagram.

If you have any questions, please contact me on Discord at megadimich.

1. File instagram.yaml: instagram_sensor: sensor: - platform: rest name: instagram_api resource_template: "" method: GET headers: content-type: 'application/json' user-agent: 'Instagram Android (24/7.0; 640dpi; 1440x2560; samsung; SM-G930F; herolte; samsungexynos8890; en_US; 138226743)' value_template: "{{ }}" json_attributes: - "data" scan_interval: 7200 # 2 Hours 2. File automations.yaml: - id: '1703179553265' alias: 'AWTRIX: Monitoring Instagram' description: '' trigger: - platform: time_pattern minutes: /2 condition: [] action: - service: mqtt.publish data: qos: '0' retain: false topic: awtrix_565c3c/custom/instagram payload: '{"icon": "instagram", "text": "{{ states(''sensor.instagram_api'')}}", "duration": 5 }' mode: single
-- Flow first published on January 3, 2024.